icon The French government invests 2 billion euros in the bicycle plan

The French government invests 2 billion euros in the bicycle plan

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The French government is investing 2 billion euros in the bicycle plan to make cycling more accessible and attractive in France. This envelope, which is four times greater than that of the previous legislature, is based on several measures aimed at encouraging the use of bicycles as an alternative and ecological means of transport.

Double the length of the network of cycle paths

The first project of the cycling plan is to double the length of the network of cycle paths in France. The objective is to reach 80,000 km in 2027 and 100,000 km in 2030, thanks to a commitment of 250 million euros each year. Currently, 50,000 km of tracks have been developed, including 14,000 since 2019. The State will finance 25% to 30% of the projects presented by local authorities, and in particular town halls, provided that the money is used to build secure areas. . Financial aid will go primarily to small and medium-sized towns as well as rural areas, and 1.5 billion euros of the total envelope will be devoted to these cycle paths.

Encourage the purchase of bicycles

To encourage the purchase of bicycles , the French government wishes to set up new financial aid for individuals. Thus, from autumn, it will be possible to acquire a second-hand bicycle with state funds, which was not possible until now. Each household will be able to benefit from 300 to 2,000 euros in aid depending on their income and the cost of the two-wheeler. During the previous five-year term, 76 million euros were distributed to 300,000 French people.

The State also provides aid to cyclists to finance secure parking lots, boxes or supervised parking areas. Social landlords and condominiums will be eligible. To fight against theft , the government wants to increase the number of individual identifiers on bicycles to reach 13 million by the end of the five-year period against 4 million today.

Road safety training for children

Finally, a boost should be put to the system Know how to ride a bike, training which aims to transmit to primary school students the basics of cycling and road safety. Since 2019, only 200,000 children have been trained, 200,000 more should benefit from the program during the year 2023, to eventually reach the number of 800,000 schoolchildren trained each year.

The final objective of the government is to encourage the French to travel by bicycle for daily journeys. To achieve this, it is essential to have suitable infrastructures, an appropriate regulatory framework and a population that feels safe on their bikes. The measures announced are a first step towards achieving this ambitious objective. If France succeeds in convincing its citizens to leave their cars in the garage and take their bikes for daily trips, it could have a significant impact on the environment and the quality of life in cities.

In conclusion, the French government has announced its intention to devote two billion euros to improving cycling infrastructure and encouraging cycling. This envelope represents a quadrupling of the State's investment for the little queen compared to the previous five-year term. Financial aid for the purchase of bicycles will be extended, while local authorities will receive financial support for the construction of new cycle paths. Primary schools will also receive road safety training to encourage safer cycling. If these measures are implemented effectively, it could have a significant impact on the environment and the quality of life in France.

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