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KASK bike helmets - Discover the collection

Urban bike helmets that combine optimal safety, sleek design and innovation for unparalleled comfort during your urban bike trips.

KASK: the Italian brand that puts safety and design first

The Italian brand KASK specializes in the design of top-of-the-range helmets , made in Italy , for cyclists, but also for skiers, mountaineers and horse-riding enthusiasts.

KASK wants to combine technological innovation , functionality, design and safety in each of its products. Since its creation in 2004, the company has enjoyed prodigious success. The quality of its products has also been recognized by several awards such as Eurobike or ISPO.

Models of KASK bicycle helmets

At Max And The City, we offer three flagship collections from the KASK brand :

All these helmets are designed according to European safety standards and have CE 1078 certification . These are robust helmets with a modern design, designed primarily for urban cyclists, commuters and cyclists using a city bike or an e-bike.

Optimal security

The KASK brand places safety criteria at the forefront in the manufacture of its products. All the brand's helmets are thus designed with innovative technologies to guarantee optimal protection against shocks, falls and collisions.

KASK Urban R and Urban Lifestyle bicycle helmets are made using MIT technology, with a polycarbonate layer that covers the entire shell to effectively protect the head.

The Moebius helmet is designed with ABS technology , renowned for its excellent impact resistance and durability. A reflective sticker is placed on the back of the helmet to make you perfectly visible to other users.

Comfortable and adjustable helmets

Thanks to the innovative ERGO FIT adjustment system, KASK helmets can be adjusted using the small adjustable wheel, so as to adhere perfectly to your head circumference.

Urban R and Urban Lifestyle helmets are also equipped with panoramic and anti-UV visors, compatible with wearing glasses, to protect you from the sun, rain and various inconveniences (stones, insects, mud, dust, etc.) . The visors are interchangeable and available in several tints to adapt to different light levels.

The Moebius helmet, on the other hand, has a small detachable visor to protect against sun and rain, as well as a durable cotton chin strap that is stretch-resistant, soft and comfortable. It also features a moisture-wicking liner and detachable padding for maximum comfort.

The Urban R and Urban Lifestyle models are equipped with eco-leather , hypoallergenic and anti-irritation chin straps.

The Italian brand KASK's bicycle helmets are also equipped with a high-performance ventilation system to allow you to pedal in the best possible conditions, and to avoid the discomfort linked to excess heat during exercise. The Moebius has front and rear vents; and the Urban R and Urban Lifestyle collections offer triple overhead ventilation with a closure system to adjust the airflow to your liking and to stay dry in the rain.


The helmets have interior foams, removable and washable , for a soft and comfortable padding. The inside of the shell is treated with an antibacterial and antimicrobial device to guarantee optimal hygiene at all times. The inner lining is breathable, quick-drying, and absorbs body heat while wicking away moisture.

KASK cycling products are also lightweight (from 390g to 420g depending on the collection). Weight is indeed an essential criterion to take into account to limit musculoskeletal pain in the neck and back when cycling.

A neat urban design

KASK brand cycling products feature an urban design that will appeal to all cyclists looking for an accessory that is both safe and stylish . The Moebius model is distinguished by its ergonomic shape, with clean lines.

To suit all tastes, KASK helmets are available in a wide range of different colors.

The Moebius model is available in dark green, grey, champagne, white, jade, light blue, lime, navy, matte black, and red.

The Urban R collection is available in the following colours: sugar paper blue, metal green, champagne, onyx, slate, burgundy, ivory, navy, silver…

While the Urban Lifestyle model is available in the shades of colors opposite: anthracite, anthracite matt, aqua, ardesia, silver, red, avorio, champagne, onice, salvia, zucchero, lavender matt, olive green matte, camel matt, english green, metal purple, petrol blue, burgundy.

What size should you choose for your KASK bicycle helmet?

The size of the bicycle helmet is an essential criterion, for reasons of comfort, but above all to guarantee optimal protection in the event of an impact. A helmet that is too wide will indeed be ineffective in the event of an impact.

In order to find the size of your bicycle helmet , you can consult the size guide which appears on each product sheet. To know the size of your head circumference, simply measure the circumference of your skull using a tape measure (or, failing that, a string and a ruler). Place the tape measure 2 cm above the eyebrows and at the level of the occipital bump (the rounded area at the back of the head).

The Urban R bike helmet is available in the following sizes: Small (51 cm / 54 cm); Medium (55cm / 59cm); Wide (60cm / 63cm).

The Moebius bicycle helmet is available in 2 sizes: Size M (52 / 58 cm) and Size L (59 / 62 cm).

Finally, the Urban Lifestyle bicycle helmet is available in size normal (55 / 58 cm) and Large (59 / 63 cm).

Thanks to the Ergo Fit system, you can adjust the helmet to the exact size of your head. Don't forget to adjust the adjustable chin strap for a perfect fit.

Delivery and return of products

Max And The City guarantees free delivery within 48 hours for all orders with a purchase amount over €49. With the Chronopost delivery option, you can benefit from delivery within 24 hours for a cost of €9.

If you find, upon receipt, that the size of your helmet is not suitable or that the color is not to your liking, for example, we guarantee a free return , whatever the product, for a period of 30 days after purchase.