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Discover the Best of Vintage Bike Helmets

Here is a superb selection of the best models and collections of vintage bicycle helmets for men, women and children. You will find in particular the Héritage models from Thousand, INO & Atlas from Egide or Tandem from Mârkö.
Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - Rose Gold

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - Speedway Creme

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - Pelham Blue

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - Phantom Black

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - Carbon Black

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - British Racing Green

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - Apricot Crush

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - Vibrant Orchid

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - Stealth Black

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - Dove Grey

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0

Casque Thousand Heritage 2.0 - So Silver

Casque CGM Ebi Tone

Casque CGM Ebi Tone - Noir-Jaune

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How to choose the ideal vintage bike helmet to ride in style

It's important to wear a helmet when riding a bike, but it's also important to choose a helmet that suits your personality. There are many types of helmets in the market in terms of look, style, collection, color, etc. However, when it comes to bike helmets with a vintage style, it can be more difficult to decide. To find the perfect vintage bike helmet for you, read on!

What is a vintage bicycle helmet?

The vintage helmet style is very popular in the motorcycle and bicycle field. These vintage-style helmets are generally inspired by older designs, with details such as shell patterns reminiscent of the style of the 50s-60s. They generally have a rounder shape than modern urban helmets. In general, they offer various colors. Vintage bicycle helmets can be made from leather, molded plastic, or composite materials. The best-known vintage bicycle helmet is the Thousand model from the Heritage collection.

The main characteristics of vintage bicycle helmets

The form

Vintage bicycle helmets are completely different in look from modern bicycle helmets. They generally have a simpler and more rounded shape. The ventilation systems are generally more basic than on modern helmets

The colour

Vintage helmet models offer a lot of different colors, we will find red, black, white, navy blue, rose gold, cream, etc. They can also be shiny or matte. The heritage collection of the Thousand brand is well known for these many colors precisely.

The materials

Even if their designs are old, the materials used are of the latest generation. Depending on the models, you will find in particular hard plastics, leather, metal. This makes it possible to offer a very high level of comfort as well as the best safety standards when it comes to riding in urban environments and in the city.

The weight

The main characteristics of vintage helmets are that they are much heavier than modern bicycle helmets and have much more coverage. Multiple vintage bike helmets cover more of your head, including the back of your skull, where most modern bike helmets leave holes.


The last notable feature is that vintage bike helmets often have holes for your head ventilation. The ventilation systems are very practical and well integrated into the style of the helmet.

How to choose the ideal vintage bicycle helmet for you?

There are multiple important factors to consider when choosing your bike helmet. The three most important factors are stance fit, safety and style.

For the adjustment of the position it is necessary to choose the right size

You want a bike helmet that feels comfortable on your head. This can be difficult, as each person has a different head shape and size. The best way to determine the perfect fit for you is to follow our awesome size guide. In any case, know that there are 3 different large sizes: small, medium and large.

The first step to finding a vintage bicycle helmet is to measure your head. To do this, place a measuring tape around the circumference of your head, just above the eyebrow line. You also need to make sure the tape is level all the way around and never pushed too far forward or back on your noggin. We invite you to take a detailed look at the size guide.

About safety

All of the vintage helmets that we offer at Max And The City comply with the standards that govern bicycle helmets such as helmet certification or CE marking. You will find with your helmet mentions such as the number of the standard, the name or the mark of the manufacturer, the date of manufacture of the equipment, its size and its weight.

According to European standard EN 1078, the helmet must:

  • well-being adjusted to the cyclist's head according to its size (from 53 to 60 cm)
  • perfectly cover the different parts of the head such as the forehead, the temples, the sides, the back and the top especially in children
  • be equipped with very resistant shock absorbers

If you want to enjoy a higher level of protection, you can opt for MIPS technology. MIPS technology is the result of nearly 20 years of study and research. Its principle is simple: imitate and play the role of the cerebrospinal fluid in which our brain “floats”. During an impact, the MIPS system will absorb the energy of the impact by sliding the skull along the shell. The rotational forces will thus be better dissipated and the brain will not hit against the cranial box, thus being better protected against oblique impacts.

If you want to push the topic of helmet safety standards, you can read our comprehensive guide to bicycle helmet safety standards.

The style of your future vintage helmet

Tastes and colors are always very personal, but we have decided to offer you a precise selection of the best collections and models of vintage bicycle helmets.

1 - The Thousand helmets with its Thousand Heritage helmet and Thousand Chapter helmet collections. The Thousand Heritage model is the flagship product of the Thousand brand. It comes in several colors such as: carbon black, black, blue navy, pink, rose gold, green, red, white, cream, gold, etc. The shape of the Heritage model is particularly appreciated by urban cyclists, as it offers a style for men and women that goes everywhere. This model is available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. It is the vintage model par excellence which has also been declined in a range for children. We have all the colors and sizes in stock at the best price, discover this collection by clicking here.

2- Egide helmets , a brand of vintage French bicycle helmets. All models are handmade in France from full grain leather. You will find many colors like black, brown, red, cream, white, pink, etc. The flagship models are the Egide INO helmet and the Egide Atlas helmet . These 2 collections offer an ingenious visor system with transparent visors or smoked visors to protect against the sun's rays. All Egide models are in stock at the best price at Max And The City.

3 - Mârkö helmets , a brand of vintage French bicycle helmets, originally a specialist in motorcycle helmets. They have changed their image towards an offer that adapts to the needs of cycling in the city. They offer pretty colors like burgundy red, cream or white. The Mârkö Tandem helmet is equipped with a full transparent or smoked visor. You can find the perfect size through the 5 proposed: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. All models are in stock at the best price on this site.

Other brands to look at if you are looking for an urban bike helmet for the city or the road are Kask (Urban R or Urban lifestyle), Abus, Bern (Watts 2.0, Nino)


The right vintage bike helmet is the one that will best suit your style and offer you the best level of protection. Remember the basic criteria for choosing the right model:

  • Excellent choice of vintage style with the Thousand Heritage
  • Choice of colors: black, blue, navy blue, pink, gold, white, cream, red, etc.
  • Choice of materials with plastic (Thousand Heritage) or leather (Egide)
  • Choice of the ideal visor with Mârkö, Egide or Kask
  • Choice of security with the best standards

Obviously this list is not exhaustive.

Max's Choice

The founder of Max And The City, strongly recommends that you choose the Thousand Heritage helmet. It is probably the urban model with the best vintage style. You will be sure not to have a mushroom head. In addition, its size system (Small, Medium and Large) allows all men and women to find the size that suits them best.

In addition you can choose from a selection of more than 10 colors such as carbon black, black, blue, pink, red, white, cream, blue navy. All that is missing is a visor system to protect your eyes.

You can also check out our collection of urban bike helmets for more choices.

The delivery

At Max And the City we attach great importance to quality delivery. We have all vintage bicycle helmets in stock in our warehouses in France. You will therefore find your favorite models such as the Thousand Heritage, the Egide and Mârkö models on delivery. We offer fast delivery in France by Colissimo or Chronopost.

The returns

All vintage bike helmets are subject to our 30 day return policies. The return is free. We offer you to exchange the size of your helmet free of charge (Small, Medium or Large). You can also change colors by simply transforming your Gold helmet into Carbon Black, Black or Blue Navy.