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Thousand Gloves

How do I choose my Thousand gloves? 

Gloves or mittens are essential accessories on the bike. Firstly, for optimal comfort, gloves or mittens will provide reinforcement in the palm of the hand to absorb shocks during your bike ride. Then, to protect you from the cold and in case of a fall, they can be very useful to protect your hands. 

What to choose between gloves and mittens? 

Gloves or mittens? Both are possible depending on the season. Both gloves and mittens are designed to give you maximum comfort by reducing shock to your hands with padding in the palm of your hand. The gloves will be perfect for the winter season to keep you warm and protect you from the rain. Mittens allow you to be dry during the summer season and during physical exertion. 

As the warm weather approaches, the Thousand brand offers several models of mittens.

Which style to choose? 

All models offer padding to protect your palm. For a style entirely in camel-coloured leather, the Bullit model. It features vents to keep your hands cool while riding. The cyclist favorite Little Five Creme model, inspired by the cult film “Breaking Away”, is a tribute to the underdogs of the big race. The top of the mittens is designed in crochet cotton to provide optimal comfort and breathability. The same goes for the DeFranc model with white crochet cotton and a red and blue line. 

Still with a vintage look, the Courier Stealth Black mittens feature an all-black style with leather for the inside of the hand and crochet cotton for the outside. 

What size to choose? 

To choose the right size for your pair of mittens, it is recommended to measure the width of the palm of your hand, so thanks to this measurement you can refer to our size guide according to your measurement: Small > 20cm, Medium > 23cm, Wide > 25cm

If you wish to be accompanied for the choice of your size, our team answers you 7 days a week on the chat or by phone at 04 97 23 30 52