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Why choose a Hovding bicycle airbag? 

The bicycle helmet is the essential accessory to guarantee you protection of your head in the event of a fall from your bicycle. The bicycle helmet is not compulsory for adults, but is still strongly recommended. More and more cyclists travel daily to go to work, to go shopping or for a walk. For many, the bicycle helmet is still too bulky, awkward or simply not to their liking. 

What is a Hövding bicycle airbag? 

The Swedish company Hövding has imagined and designed a revolutionary airbag that wraps around your head to protect you in the event of an accident. When traveling by bicycle, a road accident can quickly take dramatic turns. The body is directly exposed to the shock and the slightest fall can cause very serious injuries. The Hövding 3.0 bicycle airbag takes the form of a scarf covered with a textile envelope. It is worn around the neck. It effectively protects the cyclist's head and neck in the event of a fall. It offers even more protection than a regular bicycle helmet.

How does the Hövding bicycle airbag work? 

Thanks to technology, it can analyze 200 movements per second to trigger the airbag. When the cyclist falls, the airbag deploys in 0.1 seconds, filling with air almost instantly before the head hits the ground. It forms a full-face helmet to protect the cervical, forehead, sides and neck to absorb up to 8 times more shock than a traditional bicycle helmet. Unlike the helmet, the Hövding 3.0 airbag is not likely to break or come off in the event of a fall.

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