icon How to choose the right electric scooter helmet?

How to choose the right electric scooter helmet?

If it is not compulsory, wearing a helmet on an electric scooter is still essential. But what criteria should be taken into account when choosing such a helmet? And what are the most reliable brands?

Discover all the advice from Max And The City for choosing the right electric scooter helmet.

Which helmet to use on an electric scooter?

You should know that there are no specific helmets for electric scooters . Indeed, bicycle helmets are, for the most part, suitable for the use of this PDE (personal transport device).

If you regularly travel around town on an electric scooter (commuting for example) at 25 km/h (the maximum speed authorized with this electric vehicle), it is advisable to invest in a good quality urban bike helmet. . Light, functional, comfortable, resistant and stylish, this type of helmet is indeed ideal for the use of this means of transport.

Choosing your electric scooter helmet: the criteria to take into account

To choose your electric scooter helmet , it will be necessary to take into account several criteria, such as:

  • The level of protection : given the fast speed of an electric scooter, opt for a helmet with high impact resistance. To do this, find out about the manufacturing methods used (MIPS technology, in-mold manufacturing, etc.) and the quality of the materials used for the internal shell and the external shell.

  • Approval : to ensure that the bicycle helmet has been manufactured in compliance with European standards, with a minimum level of protection, check that it is CE approved (EN-1078).

  • Comfort : the number of ventilation holes, the weight, the quality of the internal foam and the accessories (adjustable wheel, visor, earpieces for the cold, etc.) are all factors that contribute to the comfort of the electric scooter helmet. If you travel every day on an electric scooter, don't neglect the comfort aspect!

  • The design : to stay stylish while riding your electric scooter, choose a helmet whose style, color and shape are aligned to your tastes! Today, the vintage bicycle helmet, with its sleek look, is particularly popular with urban users.

At Max And The City, we offer vintage-style urban helmets in various colors (matte, shiny, blue navy, grey, rose gold, terracotta, silver, etc.).

  • Accessories and features: we don't always know it, but a large number of various features can be added to a helmet to improve comfort, visibility and safety on an electric scooter, for example:

    • An anti-theft system
    • LED lighting
    • reflective strips
    • Earmuffs for the cold
    • An adjustment wheel on the outer shell
    • A removable or integrated visor, clear or smoked
    • A magnetic fastening strap
    • A Bluetooth connection
    • A protective cover in case of rain
    • A chin strap...

    The choice of these accessories depends above all on the needs and preferences of each person, but also on the practice of the electric vehicle (night journeys, in the city center, on poorly lit roads, etc.).

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    Electric scooter helmets recommended by Max And The City

    Max And The City offers you a wide range of high quality, vintage-style urban helmets , perfectly suited to the use of electric scooters (but also skateboards, rollerblades, hoverboards, segways, etc.). Here are a few :

    Thousand Helmets

    Thousand Heritage Lifestyle Helmets

    Thousand is one of the most popular brands of urban helmets for commuters. The two flagship collections, Thousand Heritage (€99) and Thousand Chapter (€155), feature a vintage, casual style and combine protection, comfort and elegance. It is an ideal model for fans of electric scooters who move around town and want to stay stylish during their urban journeys. These helmets have the differentiating criterion of having a pop-lock, anti-theft system , which is particularly useful when used in town.

    The Chapter collection, which is priced a little higher, uses MIPS technology (an innovation that provides excellent shock absorption). This model also has a removable visor and a magnetic light on the back of the helmet.

    Kask helmets

    These urban, unisex and light helmets (average weight of 400 grams) are available in several models: the Kask Moëbius helmet (€89), with visor, detachable padding and sleek design;the Kask Urban Lifestyle helmet and the Kask Urban R helmet (€150) in urban style, with panoramic visor for optimal protection and visibility. Kask models are available in several colors: metal green, champagne, burgundy, onyx, ivory, navy...

    Bern helmets

    Bern models stand out with a unique style, which will be perfect for electric scooter users who want to stand out from the crowd. The Bern Watts 2.0 models, priced at € 85.99, are ultra-light (weighing only 390 grams). Designed to offer maximum comfort and protection , they have 11 vents, which is ideal for preventing perspiration and heat during exercise. This model is available in many colors (green, blue, lavender, ocean, blush…). The Black model has the particularity of having been designed with MIPS technology.

    Egide helmets 

    Refined and elegant, Egide helmets, made in France, are entirely hand-crafted by seasoned craftsmen, using full-grain leather. The flagship models Egide INO and Egide Atlas are equipped with breathable, removable and washable foam. They are available in several colors (ebony, mocha, pink, green, indigo, buttercup yellow, etc.).

    The helmets of the Egide Apollo range are made of carbon fiber, a hyper-resistant material for optimum protection and comfort. It is possible to add a magnetic visor to protect you from the sun as well as a winter cover for even more comfort.

    Closca and Overade foldable helmets 

    Overade lifestyle foldable helmet

    How about a foldable electric scooter helmet ? Ideal for city dwellers who commute to work on a daily basis, the featherweight Closca Classic Helmet foldable helmet folds up to fit easily in your backpack! This model, equipped with an interchangeable visor and multiple vents, is available in matte black and matte white. As for the Overade Plixi Fit model , it folds to fit in your hand! It is equipped with 14 vents, and available in black, matte, dark gray and blue. These helmets provide the same level of protection as a standard helmet.

    Other helmets for electric scooters

    We also offer other bike helmets suitable for electric scooters, such as the Abus Hyban 2.0 urban helmet, Abus Hud-Y Ace, Abus Skurb Ace or the Casco E-Motion or the Casco Roadster Plus...

    → Reminder : To ride an electric scooter in town or outside built-up areas, you must be over 12 years old and respect the maximum authorized speed (25 km/h). You must also have a horn, brakes, front and rear lights, rear and side reflectors, and take out liability insurance. Finally, it is forbidden to transport a passenger on his electric scooter, to ride his vehicle on the sidewalk and to drive under the influence of alcohol or after using narcotics.

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