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Our children's bike helmets

Are you looking for a nice bike helmet, both resistant and comfortable for your child? Discover the selection of the best children's bicycle helmets offered by Max And The City!

Children's bicycle helmet: what does the law say?

You should know that wearing a helmet is compulsory on a bike for all children under 12, whether they are drivers or passengers (on a cargo bike or a child seat, for example). The helmet must be fastened and CE approved .

In the event of a breach of this obligation, the responsible adult is liable to a fine of between €135 and €750.

From the age of 12, for adults and teenagers, wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but is still highly recommended . On a speedbike (bicycle with electric assistance whose speed can exceed 25 km/h), wearing a helmet is compulsory for all ages.

To find out more about the regulations related to wearing a child's bicycle helmet, see our article on the subject .

How to choose a bicycle helmet for your child? All our tips

Before choosing a child's bicycle helmet, start by measuring the circumference of the young cyclist's head in order to choose the correct helmet size . This step is very important because a helmet of the wrong size will not effectively protect the child in the event of a fall.

To measure the child's head circumference , take a tape measure and place it around the skull, 2cm above the eyebrows and at the level of the occipital bump at the back of the head. Then take the measurement indicated on the tape measure and choose a helmet of the corresponding size. For an adjustment closer to the contours of the head, you can opt for a helmet equipped with an adjustable wheel.

There are also some models with unique sizes for children from 12 months to 5 years old.

Here, as an indication, the average sizes of a child's head circumference:

  • In babies, the head circumference varies on average between 43 and 48 cm between 6 and 18 months;
  • At the age of 2 years, it is around 50 cm;
  • At the age of 3 years it generally varies between 50 and 51 cm;
  • Between the ages of 4 and 5, a child's head circumference is around 52-53 cm;
  • At 8 years old, he is about 54 cm;
  • At the age of 10, he is about 56 cm;
  • At the age of 12, he is about 58 cm.

From the age of 12, the cranial circumference no longer evolves so much in children.

When choosing a bicycle helmet for children or adults, it is strongly advised to turn to top-of-the-range products: this is the guarantee of much better protection, optimal comfort and a durable product. .

In addition to the certification of the helmet (CE EN-1078) , it will be necessary to check several criteria before proceeding to the purchase of the product, such as:

  • The quality of manufacturing materials;
  • Functions and accessories according to the preferences and needs of the child: adjustment wheel, chin guard, visor...
  • The ventilation system (i.e. the number of openings on the outer shell of the helmet to guarantee effective ventilation and maintain a permanent flow of air);
  • Padding foams;
  • The closure system (prefer a magnetic closure to avoid any pinching of the skin);
  • The price : count on average between 50 and 100 € for a good bicycle helmet for children;
  • Weight: the lighter the helmet, the more comfortable it will be for young cyclists.

In addition, it will sometimes be necessary to change the bicycle helmet to adapt it to the growth of the child, but also in the event of shocks or falls.

Bike helmets for children offered by Max And The City


At Max And The City, we offer 2 models of children's bicycle helmets among the best on the market:

  • - The Thousand Junior children's helmet

  • The famous brand of bicycle helmets Thousand is simply one of the best on the market!

    Thousand Junior helmets are designed for children from 5 to 11 years old , with one size (49-53 cm). Indeed, the helmet has the particularity of adjusting thanks to an adjustable dial, which allows it to adapt as the child grows. The latter will thus be able to keep the same helmet for many years!

    This model of urban bike helmet for children also has 6 openings strategically placed to actively circulate the air inside the helmet: your child stays cool while pedaling!

    The chin straps are made of ecological vegetable microfiber and equipped with a very soft chin strap for the greatest comfort of the young cyclist. And thanks to the magnetic buckle, there's no longer any risk of pinching your skin when attaching the helmet! For even more comfort: its weight of only 390 g !

    These headphones are available in several colors to suit all tastes: power pink; blazing blue; going green; so silver; cream speedway; carbon black.

    Small bonus: this children's helmet comes with a box of removable reflective stickers , to allow the budding cyclist to personalize his helmet according to his tastes and to be more easily seen by other road users.

    Equip your child now with the Thousand Junior helmet is available at the price of 65 € .

  • - The Bern Nino 2.0 children's helmet

  • The Bern Nino 2.0 helmet is another high quality, modern and comfortable model of children's bike helmet . This accessory is made with Zipmold+ technology for excellent shock absorption. The helmet is also equipped with an adjustment system that allows it to adapt to the growth of the child.

    This model includes 2 vents at the back and displays a modern style. It is available in a wide range of colors: matte black; metallic space; pink ; fun fruit; lime; shark; white.

    This children's helmet also has a soft visor that can be lowered and raised easily.

    This model is available in two sizes:

    • Size S (Small): 52/ 55.5cm
    • Size M (Medium): 55.5 / 59 cm

    With a featherweight 305g, a vegan leather chin strap and a rotating dial that allows the helmet to custom fit the contours of the head, your child will be able to pedal in the greatest comfort and with maximum protection.

    The Bern Nino 2.0 helmet is available for €59.99 .

    → All these urban bike helmets for children are suitable for cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding or scootering .

    Delivery and return of products

    At Max And The City, you can benefit from a free return for 30 days after the purchase of your bicycle helmet. From 89 € of purchase, you also benefit from free delivery everywhere in France. For a cost of €19.95, you can also have your bicycle helmet delivered within 24 hours!