icon What is the best bike helmet on the market?

What is the best bike helmet on the market?

Are you looking for a durable, comfortable and aesthetic bicycle helmet? Among the plethora of offers available online and in stores, are you wondering which is the best bike helmet on the market?

Max And The City helps you find the best products and choose the most suitable helmet for your needs.

How to choose the best bicycle helmet for you?

Strictly speaking, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when choosing your bike helmet .

Indeed, the choice of helmet depends on many criteria and varies according to the needs of each cyclist.

Here are some of the factors to consider when finding the best bike helmet for you:

  • the type of cycling practice (city bike, mountain bike, road bike, electric bike, speedbike , BMX, electric scooter , etc.)
  • the ventilation system (the number of vents on the outer shell of the helmet)
  • the level of protection against shocks
  • the type of technologies used (in-mold manufacturing, MIPS technology, etc.)
  • the budget: the price of a helmet can vary from 30 to 300 €
  • the type of materials
  • shape, design and color
  • the weight
  • accessories and features:

Good to know : When choosing your bicycle helmet , whatever it is, you must ensure that the product has CE EN1078 certification , which guarantees that it is manufactured in compliance with European standards.

Thus, the best bicycle helmet for you will be the one that is best suited to the use you make of it, your tastes and your needs. Be that as it may, to guarantee a minimum level of quality when choosing your bicycle helmet, it is advisable to turn to top-of-the-range products (count around a hundred euros on average), to guarantee good optimal protection and comfort.

What are the best urban bike helmets today?

At Max And The City, here are the most popular urban bike helmets right now:

  1. Mârkö bicycle helmets

The Tandem and Cadence collections offered by the brand of motorcycle and bicycle helmets Mârkö are ultra-resistant products, with an urban, modern and elegant design. These helmets also feature:

  • a clear, scratch-resistant visor with a wide field of vision
  • detachable earmuffs to protect your ears during winter journeys
  • an interior foam in alcantara, a high quality microfiber fabric
  • an adjustable chin strap that allows you to adjust the helmet perfectly to the size of your head circumference
  • an ultra-robust polycarbonate shell inspired by two-wheeler helmets (motorcycle, scooter) for maximum safety
  • an efficient ventilation system.

The Cadence bike helmet from Mârkö is also equipped with an adjustment wheel located at the back of the helmet, in order to perfectly fit the shape of the skull, and with an integrated rear light to be visible to other users. from the road (at night, early in the morning, in fog, etc.).

  1. The Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet

This model of urban helmet proposed by the famous brand Thousand sports a super trendy, vintage and refined design, equipped with:

  • a pop-lock system that allows you to attach the helmet with your padlock
  • a simple, magnetic chinstrap attachment, with easy opening and closing, with one hand, without the risk of pinching your fingers
  • an easily adjustable adjustment system (dial fit system)
  • soft and eco-friendly plant straps
  • a minimalist design ventilation that has 7 vents and 3 cooling openings.

  1. The CGM Ebi Vintage and Ebi Mono bicycle helmets

The Ebi Vintage collection from the Italian brand CGM, with more than 20 years of existence, is also part of our top of the best urban bike helmets. This model includes:

  • removable ear cups for comfort in all seasons
  • an inner foam, soft, detachable and washable
  • an Air Stream System ventilation system for optimal air circulation
  • an adjustable chinstrap
  • a large, scratch-resistant visor
  • a very resistant thermoplastic shell, injection molded
  • size for small heads up to 50 cm

  1. The Kask Urban Lifestyle bike helmet

The Urban Lifestyle model from the Kask brand is also a high-performance product, which is equipped, among other things:

  • a sturdy polycarbonate shell
  • with a clean and modern design
  • a hypoallergenic and washable eco-leather chinstrap, which avoids any inconvenience or irritation
  • an integrated visor, which can be worn with glasses
  • triple ventilation that keeps you cool and dry while pedaling
  • MIT technology, for superior safety and complete protection thanks to a polycarbonate layer that covers the entire helmet
  • an antibacterial inner lining to guard against bacteria and atmospheric pollutants that could cause allergies.

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