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Urban bike helmet: our tips for choosing it well

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Do you get around town by bike? It is now easy to choose an urban bike helmet, the number of models available today on the market is impressive. Here are some simple tips for choosing the right bike helmet.

Urban bike helmet: the choice of safety

Safety is THE No. 1 criterion to consider when buying an urban bike helmet. Whether you ride only near your home, or in the city center, on a cycle path or on the outskirts of the city, it is essential to choose a bicycle helmet that complies with current safety regulations. Under the age of 12, wearing a bicycle helmet is also compulsory in France, under penalty of a fine. Beyond the age of 12, wearing a helmet is highly recommended for adults. The safety argument is also one of the strengths put forward today by the various manufacturers of bicycle helmets. It is above all a question of guaranteeing your health in the event of a crash. Good equipment will provide you with real protection for your head, in the event of a collision with a car, with a scooter, with a pedestrian, or in the event of a fall; it even happens on its own, for example on gravel or wet ground. The goal is to avoid head trauma. Remember here that the number one issue of wearing a bicycle helmet remains that of saving lives and protecting against any handicap. The mandatory European standard for all bicycle helmets dates from 2013, it is CE EN1078+A1. It guarantees a solid construction and outer shell and real properties in terms of shock absorption, good characteristics of the retention system, including the chinstrap and the tightening devices. 

Find a stylish urban bike helmet!

Riding a bike safely with a helmet to protect you is good. Explore the city center on a gravel bike, an electric bike, a VTC or a vintage city bike in style, it's better. After safety, the style of the city bike helmet is the second criterion to take into account when making your choice. Here, the goal is simple: find a women's or men's urban bike helmet that matches your style: chic, hipster, courier, vintage.

You also adhere to veganism and refuse to have a bike helmet with leather straps? Today there are many different models of helmets aimed at urban cyclists with special expectations and requirements. For example, the Thousand Urban Bike Helmet features eco-friendly microfiber plant straps. Find an ideal bike helmet model to equip yourself without having to deny your convictions.

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What about color?

The urban bike helmet comes in a multitude of colors. Faced with classic colors, such as red, matt black or white, other colors exist to allow you to distinguish yourself. Strongly assert your look by opting for an urban bike helmet: rose gold, terracotta, mint green, or even polished titanium. 

Choose a comfortable bike helmet

This is the other secret to choosing the right urban bike helmet. Beyond style and safety, your bike helmet should guarantee your comfort. The wearing of a bicycle helmet for adults is not (yet) compulsory in France, the temptation is great to do without it if we consider this bicycle accessory uncomfortable. Whether you are a regular or more occasional cyclist, putting on your bicycle helmet should remain a pleasure and should not cause you to feel rejected. Today, manufacturers of urban helmets for cyclists have understood this. Many are innovating to ensure both safety and comfort. When choosing your bike helmet, pay particular attention to the ventilation of the helmet. Good ventilation is indeed essential to stay cool, whatever the weather conditions, and to keep your thoughts clear. You can also include in your reflection the performance of the helmet in terms of aerodynamics. Here, it will be a question of not feeling (too) slowed down in your travels by city bike, VTC, electric bike, etc. Good internal foams will also be important to ensure maximum comfort.

A practical helmet to attach and put on the head

To avoid carrying your helmet around in your hand, and avoid having it stolen, you can choose a helmet that has a security system to attach it to your bike. The helmet offers for example a POP LOCK system, which allows you to slide the U inside. Very practical!

You may also opt for a magnetic buckle that can be easily put on and taken off, unlike other clip-on buckles.

Buy an urban bike helmet in a good online store

The first instinct when you want to buy an urban bike helmet is to turn to the major brands specializing in the sale of sports equipment and accessories. But for an original urban bike helmet (and therefore not a model from Decathlon) that will not be worn by all cyclists, to have a chic, classy and original look, choose a good online bike accessories store. Max and the City offers a whole selection of bicycle helmets that combine safety, design, comfort and respect for the planet. By buying a bicycle helmet online, you benefit from free home delivery, but also free returns and online advice via chat, for example to make sure you choose the right size. The idea is also to have an original helmet that won't be worn by everyone 😉

How to choose the right size for your urban bike helmet

To choose the right size for your bike helmet, measure your head circumference and consult the size guide for each brand. This indicates the helmet size adapted to each cranial morphology. Most urban bike helmets for women or men come in Small, Medium, and Large. In order not to make a mistake, you can contact customer service online by chat or on Facebook. And if you're ever wrong, don't worry, the return and exchange are free!

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