icon Max presents Thousand, the Heritage collection!

Max presents Thousand, the Heritage collection!

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One brand, one product: Thousand's goal is to save 1,000 lives.

Today I show you the flagship collection from Thousand, the vintage Heritage bicycle helmet.
Designed in California, the urban bike helmet, which offers style and safety, stands out for its three characteristics.

Are you going to do your shopping by bike?

Its pop-lock system that allows you to attach your helmet with your padlock directly to your bike to avoid clutter.

Did you take the big head?

Its DualFit technology, an essential feature, thanks to a knob, it allows you to adjust your helmet to improve your comfort or its use, if you want to wear a cap under your helmet for example.

Don't lose patience...

Its magnetic fastening system for easy, quick opening/closing without getting your fingers caught. Easily remove your helmet...

The Thousand Heritage helmet meets the different demands of everyday cyclists. It is no longer a question of choosing between its safety and its look. Travel with class and serenity!

To choose the size that suits you, I created a video - Size guide that will allow you to determine your Thousand helmet size.

If necessary do not hesitate to contact us on our site via our online chat or by telephone 04 97 23 30 52 .
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