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Discover our collection of designer bike helmets

Designer bike helmet: how to have style while riding a bike safely?

Having style and riding safely are not incompatible, they are even two highly sought-after things. Helmet manufacturers have understood this well and are offering more and more ranges of helmets among which it is sometimes difficult to find one's way. We give you some tips for choosing the right designer bike helmet. 

A designer bike helmet yes, but above all a helmet for your safety!

In France, wearing a bicycle helmet is compulsory for all children under 12, regardless of whether they are drivers or passengers. On the adult side, it is not an obligation, but wearing a helmet is highly recommended. A bicycle helmet is used to prevent the risk of head and face injuries that can occur in both large collisions and small shocks. In addition, a real increase in the use of bicycles in the city has been observed in recent years. If you necessarily want to have a trendy helmet that suits your taste, it is absolutely necessary that the model chosen is also designed for your safety, in order to avoid serious injuries (opening of the skull, forehead, cheekbones or lips, head trauma, etc.). For this it is important to know the size of your head circumference in order to choose the size of your helmet according to the brands and the collection. 

Thus, it is recommended that all cyclists, and especially cyclists riding in town, wear approved urban helmets, i.e. with a "CE" marking certifying that the helmet meets European safety standards. . Then it's up to you to find the certified designer bike helmet that meets your tastes.

The Thousand and Bern brands offer collections with helmets designed using Mips technology for enhanced safety. For more safety and protection it is possible to add a light to the back of your helmet. 

What are the best designer bike helmet brands?

Several brands allow you to ride around town both safely and in style, but four of them currently stand out on the market: Thousand helmets , Kask helmets , Mârkö helmets and Bern helmets . Each of them offers a different design and prices. All the helmets of these four brands have interior padding for optimal comfort and are CE1078 certified for cycling, but also skateboarding and rollerblading.

Thousand designer bike helmets

Founded in 2015 on the west coast of the United States, the Thousand brand was born with the primary objective of saving 1,000 lives, hence its name Thousand (which means 1,000 in English), in a region where cycling is very popular. In addition to having made safety its priority, Thousand quickly emphasized the design of its models by associating vintage and urban. By combining protection and comfort, Thousand also regularly offers new collections of helmets, whether in a casual style or a more sporty style. Currently, the two flagship collections are the designer bike helmets the very elegant Thousand Heritage helmet collection for a price of 99 euros and the Thousand Chapter helmet collection with Mips technology for a price of 155 euros which takes up the successful vintage design of the first Heritage collection of the brand by adding an interchangeable visor. In addition, the helmet from the Chapter collection offers a light for a  position at the back of the helmet, it is magnetic and rechargeable, it allows it to be visible to other road users.  What differentiates the Thousand helmet is the pop-lock system, very practical for urban use, which allows you to secure your helmet by passing its anti-theft device inside thanks to a dedicated hole. A Thousand junior helmet collection has been developed while remaining in the vintage style of the brand. 

Bern designer bike helmets

Another American brand to develop very beautiful designer bike helmets, Bern was created in 2004 by Dennis Leedom, a fan of thrill sports who had notably participated in the development of ski helmets by the famous equipment manufacturer of the 90s, Boeri. The ranges of helmets signed Bern are distinguished by their design focusing on originality, which is also well appreciated and used by cyclists, skiers, riders (BMX), skaters, etc. Man or woman, if you are looking for a safe designer urban bike helmet that will allow you to stand out in terms of style, the Bern brand with its collection of Bern Watts 2.0 helmets is highly recommended with a featherweight of 390 grams. Designed for increased comfort and protection, it has 11 vents, for a price of 85.99 euros. It is also available with Mips technology in black only. For children the Bern Nino 2.0 helmet collection with a price of 59.99 euros with a size Small or a size Medium. The collection offers several colors such as pink, black or cream or designs to appeal to children so that they want to wear it.

Kask designer bike helmets

Based in Italy, it was founded in 2004, thanks to a team of talented expert engineers and partnerships with the best factories in Italy, the company has grown rapidly and has been a meteoric success. KASK has received prestigious awards such as ISPO and Eurobike. Kask offers several collections of designer bicycle helmets for women or men with an average weight of 400 grams. The Kask Moeibus helmet collection with a sleek design, with its visor and removable padding for perfect comfort and hygiene at the price of 89 euros only available in Small or Medium. The Kask Urban Lifestyle helmet collection and the Kask Urban R helmet collection with a more urban style and a panoramic visor for all-round protection for a price starting at 159 euros. Several visors are available with different type of tint. A wide choice of colors to suit all tastes, with a Black model for a shiny black, Sugar Paper Blue for a blue, Silver for a gray or Navy for a navy blue with several sizes; small, medium or large. 

Mârkö designer bike helmets 

The French company Mârkö specializes in the manufacture of road helmets and accessories for vintage motorcycles and scooters. It is recognized for its style which fits perfectly with neo-retro motorcycles. Today it is developing by offering its know-how with the manufacture of designer bicycle helmets for urban adventure with its Mârkö Tandem helmet collection. They are equipped with an interchangeable clear visor to protect you from the rain and the sun's rays. Several types of visors are available such as the smoked visor for stronger protection from the sun's rays. Marko offers with its first collection of urban bike helmets, Tandem with the characteristic removable ear cups, very practical in winter to face the cold and its soft and breathable interior padding to promote the comfort of the cyclist. A larger choice of sizes starting from the smallest size in Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large up to the largest Extra-Large size for a price of 139.95 euros. 

Where to find your designer bike helmet?

These very good brands of designer bike helmets can all be found online on the French site Max and the City, launched on the initiative of a young entrepreneur passionate about sport. Also in love with California, it is only logical that Max has become official reseller of the Thousand brand in France. Recently, it has also become the official retailer of the Mârkö brand. This site specializing in cycling equipment, which also offers gloves and accessories for urban cyclists, also sells the latest collection of Bern and Kask helmets. Max And The City has obtained a large number of positive opinions on all these products, Max carefully chooses the brands and collections he wishes to offer on his online site. 

Max and the City sells designer bike helmets at the best price and payable in 3 installments free of charge from 50 € of purchase, and with in addition the free delivery scheduled within 48 hours. And if you change your mind upon receiving your helmet, you can return your equipment for free within 30 days. The customer service of the site is obviously in French, which greatly facilitates things.

Thanks to its status as an official Thousand retailer, Max and the City receives all the brand's collections (heritage, chapter and junior) as soon as they are released, which ensures that you have a state-of-the-art designer bike helmet.

Women's, men's or children's bike helmets: the designer bike helmet exists for the whole family!

No matter what type of bike you use (traditional city bike, electric bike, children's bike, etc.), the designer bike helmet you choose should be a helmet that is perfectly suited to your head circumference. For your little ones, it is particularly important to take a designer bicycle helmet specially made for children, in order to prevent them from losing their helmet when they are riding, or worse, during an impact. For adult models, three sizes are generally available at Max and the City: Small for head circumferences between 54 and 57 centimeters, Medium for head circumferences between 57 and 59 centimeters, and Large for head circumferences between 59 and 62 centimeters. Note that the Thousand, Bern and Kask brands have developed easily adjustable fit systems to ensure that your helmet always remains properly adjusted and secure: the Dial Fit system at Thousand, the Compass Fit system at Bern and the Ergo system -Fit at Kask.

There is no distinction between male and female models of helmets at Max and the City. Thanks to the reviews it is easy to determine which ones appeal more to men and women. You can of course choose the model that you like the most, while making sure that it is the right size. You will find for each of the collections the size guide to choose your size according to your head circumference. 

Design bike helmet for men: 

In the best-selling helmets for men, always in an urban style, we find in the Heritage collection of Thousand the Carbon Black, the Titanium or the Navy. In the Thousand Chapter collection, with Mips technology, we can see that the Racer Black for a matte black, the gray Barrivell as well as the Club Navy with its navy blue are the favorite helmets of the Chapter collection for men.

At Kask, in the Urban R collection, we have Onyx and Metal Green. And on our latest brand, which is very popular with our customers, Mârkö, the models are Black for a matte black and Titanium, with a matte gray. 

Designer bike helmet for women: 

For women we have a large choice of colors in all brands. Max And The City offer a unisex color panel but appreciated by women for the sober colors, but also the more flashy colors with Rose Gold and Thousand's Stay Gold in the Heritage collection with a shiny pink, Daybreak for a matte red, a blue with Costal Blue and a light green with Willowbrook Mint and Thousand's favorite is Heritage Terra Cotta. In the Chapter collection, with Mips technology, there are sober colors such as Supermoon White with matte white and Club Navy.  The Mârkö brand also offers a few feminine colors such as Ivory for a cream color, Champagne for a more pinkish model and Cherry for a bright cherry red with a shiny finish. 

Design bike helmet for children

For children, Thousand currently offers specially dedicated helmets at Max and the City. Both sober and colorful, the helmets inspired by the Heritage collection, they are signed with the Thousand logo in handwritten typography which gives a beautiful elegance to these designer bicycle helmets for children. One size is available on children's models, with the adjustment system to adapt to the size of the child. The featherweight children's helmet at Thousand is a real plus. Several colors available in stock, such as pink, blue, green and gray. And today in pre-order two new Speedway Cream and Carbon Black models for a price of 65 euros.