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Stylish Bike Helmet: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the perfect bike helmet is no easy task. With so many different styles and colors, it can be difficult to choose just one. The good news is that there are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping for your headphones that will help you make the best decision for your needs. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about bicycle helmets, including their benefits and how to choose the right one for you. We'll also show you some of our most stylish helmets to give you ideas on what color or style would suit you best!

Why do you need a helmet? 

Bike helmets are vitally important as they help protect your head. The better your head is protected, the more likely you are to stay safe and avoid injury . The most common type of bicycle accident is a collision with an automobile or non-bicycle in an urban environment. In the event of such an accident, the bicycle helmet can help you in two ways: by absorbing the shock of the impact and preventing it from reaching your skull, and by protecting your skull from damage if you hit something. something hard like pavement.

The second type of accident the most common type of bicycle is when the cyclist falls off his bicycle, either in an accident or after coming to a stop. Wearing a helmet during either of these falls reduces the risk of head injury by approximately 50%. The goal of the Thousand brand, our flagship brand at Max And The City, was created for this, to save 1000 lives (hence the name Thousand which means thousand in English).

How to choose the right helmet?

When buying a bike helmet, you want to be sure that it will protect your head from any potential injuries. The Department of Transportation requires that helmets labeled "for cycling" meet certain safety standards. Many helmets available in the market meet these requirements and can provide enough protection for your head while riding a bike. In addition, some CE 1078 certified helmets offer enhanced safety with Mips technology. At Max And The City you will find two brands that offer this technology, Thousand Chapter helmets and Bern Watts 2.0 helmets . 

But there are two main things to keep in mind when choosing your helmet: weight and fit. The first is the weight. You want the helmet to be light enough that it won't weigh down your head or neck when cycling, which will make cycling more comfortable. Several brands on the Max And The City website offer bicycle helmets with a light weight, Thousand Heritage helmets are on average 420 grams for a medium size. The Kask brand offers a collection of Kask Urban R helmets with a similar weight of 400 grams for a medium size. The second is adjustment. A tight-fitting helmet covers less surface area than a loose-fitting helmet, which improves protection.  On the Max And The City site, most are available in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Mârkö Tandem helmets offer a wider choice of sizes starting with an Extra-Small size up to an Extra-Large size. On all the other brands offered on the site, the helmets have an adjustment system so that your helmet fits perfectly around your head for perfect safety and comfort. Before being able to properly adjust your helmet, it is essential to choose the right size of your helmet , which is why Max has created a size guide for each model. To enhance your visibility, it is possible to add a light to the back of your bicycle or scooter helmet. Several types of lights are in stock on the Max And The City website. 

Different types of helmets

There are different types of bicycle helmets you can choose from:
Open face helmets, helmets with a small visor and so-called “integral” helmets.
- Open face helmets, such as Thousand Heritage helmets or Bern Watts 2.0 helmets offer a simple format to protect you during your bike rides. The Thousand bike helmet is distinguished by its Pop-Lock system, a very stylish concept that allows you to attach your helmet using your lock by passing it through a dedicated hole. Bern offers Mips technology through a black-only model from the Watts 2.0 collection.
- Helmets with a small visor such as the Thousand Chapter helmets or the Kask Moebius helmets giving the possibility of putting a small visor above the eyes in order to protect oneself from the rays of the sun or the rain. These visors are interchangeable and several colors are available. As a reminder, the Thousand Chapter bike helmet is designed with Mips technology to reinforce your protection and a magnetic and rechargeable rear position light is also added for optimal safety on the road.
- The so-called "integral" helmets offer more complete protection by covering your entire head and adding a panoramic and removable visor to protect you from the rain or the sun's rays. Mârkö Tandem helmets or Urban R helmets are integral type. The little extra of the Mârkö Tandem helmet is the addition of earpieces during the winter season. On both models, it is possible to change the visor for a shade more suited to your needs or for a more stylish taste.

Helmet Styles

City bike helmets are lighter and have features like vents to help regulate temperature when riding in hot weather.
At Max And The City, its creator, Max has made a selection of stylish bike helmets for urban use. He carefully chooses quality and durable products. Online, several brands with different styles are present, the brand Thousand, the favorite of Max's customers, with a very vintage style of the 70s on these two collections Heritage and Chapter. Kask, a brand with a more modern and urban style, offers collections of stylish bicycle helmets with these three collections, Kask Moebius, Kask Urban Lifestyle and Kask Urban R. Mârkö, known for its very vintage motorcycle helmets, puts its know-how for the benefit of urban cyclists with its Mârkö Tandem collection, an integral style with beautiful finishes and a really comfortable interior.

Helmet colors

There are many colors and styles to choose from when shopping for a bicycle helmet. Whether it's a sleek black helmet or a shiny model, there's a helmet for everyone. You will need to decide which color or style suits you best. If you are looking for something simple and discreet, the Thousand Heritage and Chapter collections offer sober colors such as Carbon Black and Stealth Black for simple black, Navy for a navy blue with clean lines, Suppermoon White for white refined. The Tandem collection from Mârkö offers several very sober colors such as Ivory for a shiny cream color, Black and Titanium for a matte black and a matte gray.

If you want your helmet to stand out, there are multiple colorful options. For example, if you're feeling brave or just want something a little different, try a Thousand Heritage Rose Gold helmet for a bright shiny pink, a Terra Cotta for a very refined terra color! These colors are sure to grab attention on the road. Another option would be a bright blue or red helmet that's sure to catch people's eyes when you're rolling down the street with the Heritage models, a Daybreak Red for a bright red or a Coastal Blue for a worked blue.

We notice at Max And The City that each collection is unisex, even if we notice that some colors like the Rose Gold model, the Terra Cotta, the Stay Gold for a shiny gold and the Speedway Creme for a cream with color lines in size Small or Medium are women's favorites at Thousand. In the Mârkö collection, these are the colors Ivory, Champagne for a pinkish grey, Cherry for a shiny red in Extra-Small or Small size. The Bordeaux Urban R model is also a bestseller among women.

For men, there is a more sober color style with the Onyx model for a shiny black from Kask Urban R, a Navy Thousand Heritage or Chapter, available in the Urban R collection and Moebius, the Sugar Paper Blue models from the Urban collection R and Urban Lifestyle offers a greyish blue. And the Carbon Black or Stealth Black model for a matte black in the Thousand Heritage collection.


You will find what you are looking for on our site with a wide selection of bicycle or scooter helmets with different and unique styles, vintage, retro or urban. Sober or more atypical colors to accompany you in town with class.
Through our wide selection, you will find different price ranges. Thousand Junior children's helmets are available on our online store at Thousand, inspired by its flagship Heritage collection in incredible colors and customizable with stickers.
Max's choice is vintage style for a unique look with the Thousand bike helmet, or the Mârkö bike helmet with a visor.
The Max And The City team answers all your questions on our online chat or by phone, on the choice of your helmet, its size, its options or on the accessories to add to your bicycle helmet.

Now that you know how to choose the right helmet and the right style, it's time to get it!